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Hey y'all! I go by Aaron and this is my blog. I grew up throughout the American South, primarily Maryland and Florida. I currently live in Southwest Florida spending time exploring the swamps and building my practice. I practice folkloric witchcraft, a stream of witchcraft rooted in folklore and bioregionalism. Rather than looking at the mythology from a distant country, I look at the stories told about the land I live on and have lived on in the past. This doesn't mean mythology and European folklore is off limits by any means, just not the focus.

I started practicing folk magic when I was young and growing up in the Southern Baptist church. I would sing psalms and make charm bags without really knowing what I was doing, but knowing that I was getting results. I was deeply inspired by witches in pop culture and fell in love with the wild and ecstatic image of the witch from a young age. That love would introduce me to Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft, and eventually folkloric witchcraft. Folkloric witchcraft has become the accumulation of my upbringing around folk magic and the wild spirit of the land that teaches me witchcraft. The stories, both new and old, of witches and their night raids are what push my witchcraft to new heights. 

I started focusing on American folklore when I noticed a trend in contemporary witchcraft to romanticize European traditions as somehow more powerful than American folklore. I have continually seen folks view America as a land somehow "lesser" than ancestral European countries. I believe there is great power in not only ancestral practices from Europe, but also in the stories here from the land I live on. 

The desire to empower the land as a witch is nothing new. There has been a steady stream of practitioners from many backgrounds who are falling in love with the land all over again. I'm going to track my experiences, starting places for those interested in folkloric witchcraft, and a growing compendium of new discoveries. 

I'll mostly be focusing on the State of Florida, one of my two home-states, and my living traditions rooted here.  I'll also write companion pieces to go hand in hand with my podcast Broomsticks in the Bayou which I record with the fabulous Shelby Elmore. Primitive folk art, queer empowerment, social advocacy, and Southern culture will all make there home on this blog. Occasionally I'll touch on magic outside of witchcraft and have folks from other traditions guest to write about subjects ranging from African-American Hoodoo, Pow-Wow, Appalachian folk magic, and everything in between. 

You can find me online on Instagram @aaronoberon and in the anthology Queer Magic: Power Beyond Boundaries where I contributed an essay called A Drag Queen Possessed and Other Queer Club Magic

Image taken by the author. Mangroves on the Gulf Coast of Florida.